Our field of play

The maritime and logistics industry can be characterised as an international community by nature, a people’s business with a highly flexible, customer-oriented approach. A no-nonsense culture and short decision lines are typical for this industry with terminals, ships, aeroplanes, trains and trucks operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Not everybody’s cup of tea and certainly not easy to fathom for generalist consultants.

Founded in 1984 Plimsoll has a long history in the maritime and logistics industry, providing expertise knowhow in C-level Executive Search and Interim Management, M&A, Strategy and HRM consultancy. We know the industry thoroughly: in Europe, in China, and as partner of Experts for Experts International we serve the top of the global maritime and logistics community.
We equally feel at home with the supply chain in production and trading companies, as with the different service providers in the logistics chain; from road haulage and freight forwarding to container lines, from shipbrokers to terminal operators and logistic property managers!
Inspired by our name giver Samuel Plimsoll (1824–1898) we strive to serve the international maritime and logistics industry with a quality and result driven, incorruptible and pragmatic approach.

Our goal is to provide you with lasting and beneficial solutions. Our real expertise is “Matching people and business in a Moving world!”