HRM Services

Not every organisation has a need for a fully equipped HR department or a (full-time) HR-employee. Plimsoll offers complete support in employee-related activities and offers support and advise on demand.

HR Audit

A 360-degree feedback based on the results of the audit and specific developments within your company we come across. This audit exists of interviews with 3 to 5 employees at key-positions (including the client) and detailed reporting. Part of this analysis is checking whether or not your current filing and reporting system is compliant with GPDR and labour legislation.

Employee Performance & Development Strategy

The number of students opting for logistics-related education is not in line with the demand for logistics personnel for the next 5 years. This will undoubtedly result in a shortage in the influx of talented and adequately trained young potentials.
With our Employee Performance & Development Strategy you will be able to combine both organisational development and staff planning. Keeping talent on board and ensuring that you will have enough skilled personnel, is the starting point in our approach.

Your Personal HRM-advisor

Plimsoll connects rich knowledge of and experience in logistics with Human Resource Professionals. For any queries about current legislation, compensation & benefits, employee planning, procedures etc. your personal Human Resource manager is available to assist you. Yours personal advisor has a clear view on your “need-to-have” and “nice-to-have” items and is available at time(s) and location(s) agreed upon. Naturally, this is a tailor-made product depending on your specific demands and needs.