China Connection

Chinese companies in The Netherlands

As part of China’s ascendance onto the global stage, a large number of Chinese companies have set up an organisation in The Netherlands and an ever-increasing number is planning to do so. Considerable differences in legislation and culture are often seen as serious barriers in building up an efficient and successful cooperation between the Chinese company, their (future) employees and the management in The Netherlands.

Plimsoll and China

Plimsoll maintains an intense relationship with China and Chinese companies. Headquartered in Rotterdam Plimsoll established own offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong already in 2008. Based on a.o. this experience we started a specialist desk, servicing Chinese companies in Europe.

The desk is managed by Olivier Binkhorst (BSc). He lived and worked in China from 2005 until 2015. He was the driving force behind the Plimsoll offices in China from the start in 2008, offering Executive Search and specialist recruitment services. He returned to The Netherlands in 2015, maintaining close business ties with clients in Europe and Asia and leading our China related business. He visits China frequently for family trips -being married to a Chinese wife- and for business.


HRM training & consultancy

  • Employer branding and recruitment
  • Development of on-boarding courses for new employees
  • HR coaching
  • Employee development and training
  • Cultural differences training
  • Advice regarding Dutch institutions, rules & regulations, health & safety mandatory practices, sick-leave, labour-contract legislation, disputes with staff etc.

Additional operational HR-services

  • Salary mutation administration
  • Employment contracts
  • Highly skilled migrant procedures, including 30% ruling
  • Exit interviews
  • Staff development, performance appraisals etc.
  • Company Code of Conducts
  • Coaching staff on multi-cultural business etiquettes.